Al Noor Royal watch is a cultural journey of a great historical past, present and future, a great heritage of Islamic culture, the history of the formation of the faith, customs, culture, architecture and art as well as an important stage of its development and art of calligraphy.

Throughout the long realization of the project, the best watchmakers of Raffael Papian company worked on the development of a watch model Al Nour Royal, with the head of one of the most famous watchmakers of Switzerland, Bernard Lederer.

Moreover, the famous scholar, Professor of Newshate’s University, Jamal Sharif consulted and accompanied the process of the thematic component of the Al Noor Royal watches, philosophical worldview filled with the meaning from the Holy Book of the Quran.

Al Noor Royal watches are made in platinum case, in an single copy in diamond and emerald baguette cuts. The use of diamonds, high quality emeralds and the correct color gives a special magnificence shine and the beauty of watches.

The sizes of the stones are also chosen so that to combine and harmonize with the watch face, on which pure gold engraving of the first Sura of the Koran is made. Another significant element in the watch model is the use of animals from the Sacred Book, performed in a calligraphic way.

One can read the texts by putting a magnifying glass, located in the watch window, in the amount of ten animals succeeding every hour.

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The mechanical watches have 310 watch components.

Watch Room Al Noor Royal, is something unique in the watch industry, the most modern artwork, possessing a truly impressive size (1.95 cm), luxury and aesthetic pleasure.

The design itself is made from valuable breeds of African wood, elements of Islamic decor, made from silver and gold plated, with a remote control system and columns to remind the time for pray.

The interior is fully designed in Islamic themes and made from natural silk. This artwork symbolizes holy Kaabu which is sacred to all Muslims and can be his owner’s real pride.


The medallion depicts the construction of the Kaaba and Minaret of the Al Haram Mosque.

Al Noor pens are the second most significant elements after the watch Al Noor Royal.

Ballpoint and feather, performed in the style of the Minarets of Al-Majiid Al-Haram in Mecca, where Kaaba is located in the middle of the square. The minarets look especially great from a bird’s-eye view. 

The Al Noor pens also continue to be designed in the style of watches, sustained in the general concept, i.e. they contain diamonds and emerald baguette cut. Emerald cut, built in the balconies of the Minare, gives a special piquancy to these pens, as its manufacture takes the biggest amount of raw materials, in order to find the optimal color and shine of these gems.


Cufflinks for watches are also designed in the theme of Islamic culture, and demonstrate a drover walking across the endless desert to the Holy Places. Cufflinks are made from platinum and an engraved work is done on them: enamel and emerald baguette cut.

One of the most significant elements in the culture of Islam is rosaries. They are prayer beads which are here presented in platinum, enamel, emeralds and black diamonds.

The book, wrapped with a white gold handmade binder, is a beautiful reminder to the owner of the Al Noor Royal watch.

The book appears in front of the owner by pressing the control button,  and harmoniously blends with the overall ensemble of the Cabinet. Over 1.5 kg of gold is used for the gold binding manufacture.




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